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White genocide may loom in South Africa
November 5, 2006, 5:03 am
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April 19, 2004

by Samuel Francis

The tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide is upon us this week, and some predict yet another African genocide is about to unfold in Sudan. In South Africa, however, where wicked white supremacy was dismantled (also a decade ago) and black majority rule established, all is happiness, a veritable cakewalk to utopia, according to neo-conservative pundit Max Boot.

The South African government has just given Boot a grand tour, and he faithfully reports what he was told in articles in the Los Angeles Times and the neo-conservative Weekly Standard. If his adventures in fantasy prove much of anything, they show why we need to ignore whatever neo-conservatives tell us.

“A flourishing democracy has taken root in South Africa’s rocky soil,” Boot bubbles. The kind of democracy he admires there is of interest—a species quite unknown to the Western world.

The African National Congress, the terrorist organization run by the Communist Party that took over the country in 1994, is the main political party and shows no sign of losing power. As Boot tells us, “There is no chance of the ANC losing the next election or the one after that. For the foreseeable future, South Africa seems destined to be a one-party democracy like India prior to the 1990s or Japan today.”

Of course, in our part of the world, where we actually have democracies that (at least in theory) sport two whole political parties or more, “democracy” is not quite the term for political systems dominated forever by a single party.

Boot complains that these days no one ever hears about South Africa except in terms of AIDS and crime. As for the former, it has more HIV-positive people than any other country in the world, and AIDS is expected to reduce life expectancy to the age of 36 by 2010. Boot is pleased that even though “South Africa’s crime rate has spiked to among the highest in the world,” in recent years “it has at least stopped rising and stabilized, though at very high levels.”

What he doesn’t tell us is the truth about the systematic campaign of murder and torture carried out since 1994 against South Africa’s white farmers. Some 1,600 have already been murdered, and while the government claims it’s simply uncontrollable crime, the indications are that it’s a deliberate effort to exterminate whites and drive them off the land.

But that’s only farmers. Some estimates put the number of white Afrikaners killed by blacks since 1994 at 30,000 or more. Boot mentions none of this. “The most inspiring thing about South Africa,” he sighs pleasantly, “is that there seems to be so little rancor.”

After Boot finishes scribbling what the ANC’s one-party democracy fed him, he should take a look at a forthcoming article on the realities of South Africa by a man who actually lives there, South African novelist Dan Roodt, in a forthcoming two-part article in American Renaissance, a monthly newsletter about race and race relations.

While Boot beams about the government’s promotion of “economic growth” in the country but deplores the “bad news” of persistent economic inequality between blacks and whites, Roodt has somewhat different facts to report.

“Increasingly, whites are economic slaves,” he writes. “They pay 80 percent of personal taxes, despite earning only 50 percent of total salaries. Afrikaners as a group pay the highest portion of overall tax in South Africa—36 percent—while white English-speakers pay 32 percent. When he was in exile in Britain, (President Thibo) Mbeki is reputed to have said, ‘We will suck the whites dry,’ and that is more or less what is happening. South Africa is like a small, First World economy like that of Denmark or Norway, still run by whites, but which must support a welfare state for 40 million blacks and Coloreds.” That’s the bad news Boot didn’t want to tell us.

What is happening in South Africa is simply the deliberate transformation of a Western society, economy and political culture into a Third World swamp. The transformation is taking place because the dominant race of white Westerners has been pushed out of power by the majority non-white, non-Western race. But as Roodt understands, what’s happening there is not unique.

“By a curious historical and demographic twist, the percentage of white people in South Africa—9 percent—corresponds precisely to the portion of whites as a share of the global population. South Africa is a microcosm of the world. The processes of demographic expansion, territorial occupation, and moral and intellectual subversion that we have suffered are similar to what the entire West is experiencing.”

And people like Boot and his friends play a major role in pushing that experience toward its grim conclusion.

Source: South Africa the truth


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Comment by Anonymous

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Comment by David Ben-Ariel

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Comment by Snowy Smith

We listened to them all here in Oz, saint mandella they called him. They said we would destroy Oz & Nz next. Yes bring in boat loads of 3rd world migrants, (as long as they don't live next door to me. South African neigbours all say they came here for the sake of their children, their home country is history. Tell me all you do gooders out there, why do you want to destroy western civilization, a society that has given you everything from the food on your table to your education, a free medical service and a social security safety net.White liberals and do gooders, wake up before it is too late

Comment by Anonymous

FORMAL GENOCIDE COMPLAINTI Snowy Smith of Fair Civil Law lodged an Official Complaint with the International Criminal Court in The Hague.Formal Complaint GENOCIDE against the ANC GOVERNMENT South Africa.Promoting Crime, Promoting Racism, Promoting Hatred, Soliciting Murder.BLACK RACIST HATE CRIMES AGAINST WHITES.ANC GOVERNMENT South Africa Aiding and Abetting in MURDER, White Farmer Genocide and ALL CRIME. ANC GOVERNMENT, An Accessory Before the FactThe South Africa Constitutional Court Ruled that the ANC Government has a ”DUTY OF CARE to Protect ALL its Citizens”.The ANC Government has Failed and or Refused to Protect ALL its Citizens.In fact they have turned a Blind Eye to the FARM GENOCIDE which is obviously part of their secret hidden agenda to drive all White Farmers off their land. Instead of Protecting ALL its Citizens the ANC Government has done the opposite they have passed laws making it very difficult for the Law Abiding Citizens to Protect themselves.Law Abiding Citizens are sitting ducks when attacked by extremely well armed BLACK MURDERERS who have AK47 also R1 Machine Guns and 9mm pistols.Inaction and turning a blind eye by the ANC Government is totally unacceptable AK47 also R1 Machine Guns are “GUNS OF WAR”.+++++++++++++++++++++++More WHITE farmers have been MURDERED in South Africa than ZimbabweGENOCIDE MORE WHITE FARMERS MURDERED BY BLACK THUGS South AfricaBLACK RACIST HATE CRIMES AGAINST WHITES.Definitely GENOCIDE.MORE GENOCIDE – 3110 WHITE FARMERS TORTURED AND BRUTALLY MURDERED BY BLACKS – South Africa since 1994. More than 100000 Farm Attacks.More than 35,000 White South Africans Brutally Murdered since 1994. 60 to 149 MURDERS per DAY South Africa BLACK ON WHITE GENOCIDE South AfricaAnother WHITE Farmer Murdered in SA: victim Number 3,098 since 1994 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++URGENT I NEED YOUR SUPPORTPlease e-mail your formal GENOCIDE, Murder, Rape, Crime complaint to "OTP InformationDesk" OTP.InformationDesk@icc-cpi.intPlease refer to The Hague: Reference No: OTP-CR-146/08Snowy Smith, Fair Civil Law.7 April 2008POSTAL ADDRESS:To:Office of The ProsecutorInternational Criminal CourtThe Hague, The NetherlandsP. O. Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands

Comment by Snowy Smith

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